Christian Education

Purpose: To develop and execute activities that will enhance Christian growth in the understanding and living/practicing of God's Word.


  1. To create, plan, organize, and execute an effective program of Christian education for the total church.
  2. To survey, study, and evaluate the Christian educational needs of the church membership and to strive to meet those needs.
  3. To select/elect (with the approval of the pastor) leaders, teachers, literature, methods, procedures, and change that will enhance the progress of the overall ministry.
  4. To provide opportunities for Christian growth and fellowship as it relates to God's will and way. 
  5. To strive to motivate and activate Christian growth and participation in all areas of the church - reaching out to those within and beyond the walls of Antioch.
  6. To take advantage of all means and opportunities to provide intentional Christian learning, and to support all other ministries in this effort.
  7. To provide special activities that will enhance worship, fellowship, variety, growth, and member and community participation.

Member Ministries:

  1. Sunday School
  2. Bible Study
  3. Vacation Bible School
  4. Children's Church
  5. Special Activities
  6. Bulletin Boards
  7. Scholarship/Honor Roll




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Antioch Baptist Church
1454 Florence St
Augusta, Georgia 30901

Sunday School - 9:15am
Sunday Worship 10:15am
Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study - 7:00pm
Saturday - One Hour In The Word With Pastor Martin 9am