Evangelism and Outreach

Purpose: To develop and implement effectice plans, methods, and activities for bringing persons to Christ.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To develop a team of born-again members who are willing and not afraid to share the gospel with others.
  2. To go out beyond the walls of the church and seek persons to be saved - using a variety of methods and procedures designed to get others to come to the Church and to accept Christ.
  3. To develop a plan to reach persons according to their needs.
  4. To canvas large areas and to plan special emphases to strengthen church outreach.
  5. To promote and encourage personal and friendship evangelism.
  6. To serve as a leader in praying and encouraging discipleship and soul-winning.
  7. To provide opportunities for persons to hear and better understand the Word and to accept the Lord.
  8. To enable members to better understand the Mission of the Church.
  9. To increase fellowship and sharing.


Member Ministries:

  1. ETF
  2. Promotions
  3. Revivals
  4. Sports Ministry
  5. Food Pantry




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