Finance / Property Management

Purpose: To ensure that all finances are properly collected and effectively used, and that all interior and exterior properties, facilities, and records are adequately maintained.



  1. To be directly responsilbe for all financial matters: budget preparation and regualtion, income and expenses, collection and distribution of funds, insurance coverage, annual audit of financial records, and maintenance of individual and ministry contribution records.
  2. To purchase and provide care, security, maintenanance, and suitable appearance for all buildings, equipment, vehicles, and grounds, and to select and supervise custodial care.
  3. To study financial standings, obligations, and needs, and to give long term and short term recommendations for solutions, according to priorities.
  4. To give periodic stewardship emphases as it relates to giving.
  5. To provide requested services for care and beautification of properites.

Member Ministries:

  1. Trustees
  2. Janitorial Staff
  3. Lawn Care
  4. Bus/Transportation
  5. Budget
  6. Church Properties
  7. AFAC




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