Hospitality and Fellowship

Purpose: To provide a friendly and receptive atmosphere that will entice others to come and to share in the community faith.



  1. To promote, encourage, and exemplify an atmosphere and spirit of love, togetherness, and sharing within the church body.
  2. To serve in such a loving and gracious manner that others will be persuaded to come to Christ.
  3. To serve as those persons responsible for making all attendees feel welcome and warmly received, and to make sure tht such persons are always available at major activities to meet and to greet.
  4. To plan and execute activities that allow for and promote association, assimilation, bonding, commonality, and support.
  5. To plan, promote, and provide services and activities that will enhance growth and fellowship, and will respond to the needs of all involved.
  6. To complement and improve the atmosphere and environment; thus provinding an organized, orderly, beautiful, and soothing setting.


Member Ministries:

  1. Medical Guild
  2. Courtesy Guild
  3. Women's Ministry
  4. Senior Kare
  5. Kitchen Ministry
  6. Brotherhood
  7. Singles
  8. Birth Month
  9. Youth Fellowship
  10. Children's Fellowship
  11. Beautification
  12. Local and Foreign Mission




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Antioch Baptist Church
1454 Florence St
Augusta, Georgia 30901

Sunday School - 9:15am
Sunday Worship 10:15am
Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study - 7:00pm
Saturday - One Hour In The Word With Pastor Martin 9am