Music and Worship

Purpose: To provide music that is scripture based and that sustains the faith, and worship tht is a grand and joyous celebration of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • To Provide music that is uplifting and suitable for the situation of occasion and will get attendees in a worshiping mood.
  • To sing songs that call attention to who God is, and call for togetherness and fellowship.
  • To sing songs that are familiar and participatory, and some that are a different style and tempo.
  • To accept the responsibility to provide music at all church activities - on site and off site.To sing songs that worship, praise, honor, magnify, and thank God, and that specifically say so.


  • To make sure that worship is a time of praise and thanksgiving, and that the attention and the focus are on God.
  • To plan the worship but to allow the Holy Spirit to have its freedom.
  • To strive to have everyone feel a part and to be given a chance to be active.
  • To allow worshipers to hear the Word and to see it among Christians.
  • To have such a worship that worshipers can be fed, full, touched, inspired, relieved and can say that they enjoyed it and received warmth and friendliness.
  • To provide a variety of avenues through which persons are able to see and relate to Jesus Christ.
  • To provide an environment and atmosphere most conducive to worship - including having organized and attractive physical surroundings with the least possible distractions, providing the most favorable conditions for meaningful worship experiences.
  • To seek to be realistic in goal development and implementation, yet visionary in looking beyond the present situation and permitting God to take us to a higher level.

Member Ministries:

  1. Music Coordinator
  2. Music Staff
  3. Worship Leader
  4. Communications (tape, audio visual)
  5. Praise Team
  6. The Arts (dance, drama)
  7. Group for Preparatory Settings
  8. Ushers




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