Pastoral Care and Shepherding

Purpose: To enhance opportunities for spiritual growth and development, and to plan and provide enrichment for the quality of the fellowship and the well being of those withing the church family.



  1. To assist the pastor in recommending church policies and procedures, and in every area and activity of the church.
  2. To serve as examples in praying, worshipping, leadership, Christian character, and serving - within and outside the walls of the church.
  3. To encourage and support relationship (Christ), membership, fellowship, and assimilation.
  4. To make all physical preparations for and to assist the pastor in baptismal services and the observation of the Last Supper (communion).
  5. To assist in the care of the needy and distressed families.
  6. To visit, call, and serve as a guide and support for persons under their care.
  7. To fulfull the duties listed in the by-laws of the church.
  8. To provide information and training that will enable others to better understand and serve in the Mission.
  9. To seek to bring back into full participation those members who have fallen away in attendance, spiritual life, and full support of the church.


Member Ministries:

  1. Deacons
  2. Deaconess
  3. Visitation
  4. Benevolence
  5. Floral
  6. Pastor Support
  7. New Members Orientation




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